Pierre Ellsworth

Pierre Ellsworth

by Martín Abresch


Scored more runs than any player in history (1,755) and was the first player to reach 3,000 hits. Talk softly and carry a big stick. Pierre Ellsworth was a quiet man with a noisy bat. He burst into the league, winning the batting title as a rookie,

The 23-year old Ellsworth burst into the league in 1888, winning the batt In 1896, Ellsworth hit in 43 straight games, just one game shy of Fletcher Burgess’s record. That streak ended on June 9. Picking himself right back up, he began another hit streak. On July 9, Boston snapped that streak at 24 games.

In 1906, he became the first player in baseball history to get 3,000 hits.

He also had a 33-game hitting streak in 1894, a 24-game streak in

Ellsworth twice got six hits in a game.

He had four hitting streaks of 20 or more games, including a 33 game streak in 1894 and a 43-game streak in 1896, second-longest in

First player to reach 3,000 hits. On August 24, 1888, he went 6-for-6 against the Chicago Haymakers, hitting two triples and driving in five. October 8, 1889, he went 6-for-6 against the Washington Nobles with five runs batted in. In 1894, hit in 33 straight games. In 1896, he hit in 43 straight games, second longest in history. In 1896, he hit in 24 straight games.

Ellsworth led the league in batting average (1888, 1892, 1899) hits (1888-89, 1892), triples (1888), home runs (1892, 1899, 1903), total bases (1888, 1890, 1892), runs scored (1888, 1890), RBIs (1888, 1894), on-base percentage (1888), slugging percentage (1888, 1896-97, 1899), and OPS (1888, 1892, 1899). He won Rookie of the Month three times, Player of the Week 17 times, and Batter of the Month seven times. He played on four Championship teams (New York (1887, 1895, 1904-05). When he retired in 1907, Ellsworth was career leader in games played (2,417), at-bats (9,813), runs scored (1,755), hits (3,134), total bases (4,433), home runs (153), and RBIs (1,553). Most of those records have since been passed, but his 1,755 runs He had a .319 career batting average, and he stole 630 bases.

In 1949, Pierre Ellsworth was unanimously elected into the Hall of Fame.

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