Do The Right Thing


Do The Right Thing

Dear prospective league member:

Please read the following before you commit to joining this league.

Once youíre up and running in the league, this is what I would like you to do:

  • Make a team export after every sim, or let me know ahead of time if you are for some reason unable to make a team export for any length of time
  • Check the Slack page at least every day or two

Thatís what I would like. This is what Iím willing to put up with:

  • Make a team export at least every other sim (we run three sims a week, so this would mean exporting about three times every two weeks), or let me know as soon as possible if you are for some reason unable to make a team export for an extended period, like two weeks or longer
  • Check the Slack page at least once every week or two

I expect people to miss exports from time to time. Things come up; lives get busy. Itís a normal thing.

Once youíve been with us for awhile, I probably wonít say a word if you miss a few exports in a row. If youíve shown yourself to be generally responsible, Iíll trust you to start participating again whenever you have time, and I wonít hound you unless youíre AWOL for a couple of weeks.

But unless I know you, I donít know you. I wonít wait very long on a new GM who isnít exporting and isnít responding pretty quickly to messages. Rather, Iím going to assume youíve bailed on the league.

Thatís why the first few days/weeks of joining this league is critical. Lots of people join online leagues, and then lots of them drop out soon afterwards, usually without saying anything. Until youíve developed a bit of a track record, only your participation and/or responsiveness is going to give me any kind of clue as to whether youíre a) committed to the league, b) not committed to the league, or c) already gone.

If youíve joined and decided that maybe this isnít the league for you after all, just let me know. I wonít bite. Promise.


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