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From time to time we send out some important information (or trivial rambling) to league members. While some of this stuff might tend to be of the read-it-and-toss-it variety, some of it might prove useful for reference. So we’ve begun to archive it.

More-or-less essential reading

New GM Startup Instructions (12/13/18) Step-by-step "how to" for getting started in the Circuit

Do The Right Thing (1/12/19) Mandatory reading for prospective league members

Keepin’ It Real—1960’s (10/31/23) How to look “period” as opposed to “time traveler”

Keepin’ It Real—Late 1940’s–Early 1950’s (6/5/19) The original article; the above is an updated version

What is Tanking? What Isn’t Tanking? (11/4/21) Tips on how to avoid having the finger pointed your way

Preparing for the Free Agency Era (3/19/23) A checklist so I won’t forget anything

Understanding American Circuits Finances in the Free Agency Era (3/19/23) Going into a bit more detail

Trivia/strategy/helpful hints/less essential stuff

The Undesired Peace (12/2/18) How OOTP forced us to have a postseason series in 1946

The Reserve Clause (2/17/19) A quickie primer on what it was, and how it works in OOTP

Doubleheaders and the Four-Man Rotation (3/11/19) I’ve left this article up for posterity, but our current game settings make it largely irrelevant

Dee-fense, Dee-fense… Part I (4/11/19) How Bill McKechnie got into the Hall of Fame

Dee-fense, Dee-fense… Part II (4/11/19) How you can get there too

Expansion/Relocation/Realignment (5/5/19) A vision of the future to get the discussion going

Stretching the Defense (8/21/19) Cepeda or McCovey—a nice “problem” to have

Note About the Injury File We Use (10/23/20) It’s kinder and gentler but it can still bite

Getting Better (6/25/21) 12 teams that got good fast

Are Two Ways Better Than One? (4/12/24) Surprising(?) data on dual-threat players