New GM Startup Instructions

New GM Startup Instructions

  1. Download the initial league file here: Unzip this file and place the American_Circuit.lg folder in your saved_games folder.
  2. I will send you two files through e-mail or Slack. One is called accountsdata_gms.dat. That one goes in the settings folder in your American_Circuit.lg folder. The other file is called human_managers.dat. It goes in your American_Circuit.lg folder. Both of these files may replace files that are already there.
  3. Open OOTP, select LOAD GAME and choose American_Circuit.lg.
  4. A list of managers will pop up. Select your name from the list.
  5. In the File menu, click on Online League, and select Download Latest League File.

Thatís it! If something doesnít seem to be working contact the Commissioner.

The graphics (logos, caps, jerseys) and news files are not included in the startup file. If you want those they are available on the Downloads page.

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