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Draft Rules

Annual amateur draft is run in Stats+.

The draft is five rounds. Each draft pool will contain enough players for all scheduled rounds, plus enough players for two additional rounds. Undrafted amateurs will be deleted after the draft.

In game time, the draft pool will be revealed approximately two months prior to the draft; in real-time, that will usually be about two to three weeks.

With that much preparation time, GMs are expected to have lists made and be ready to roll when the draft arrives. A timer will be employed to ensure expediency. It will vary according to round. Each team will be “on the clock” for the following times when their turn comes around:

Rounds One and Two: four hours
All subsequent rounds: one hour

The timer only runs from 9 am Pacific time (12 noon Eastern) to 9 pm Pacific (12 midnight Eastern). During the period the timer isn’t running it is still possible for teams to make a pick, but they are not “on the clock”.

If a team’s timer runs out, Stats+ will automatically pick for them. Once that happens the team will be placed on “Auto Pick” for the remainder of the draft. (Alternatively, GMs may select “Auto Pick” and “List Pick” simultaneously.)

The amateur draft in this league is designed to move along quickly. GMs are expected to make draft lists, and to monitor the draft to ensure their lists do not run out.

Draft picks may be traded. If the draft is currently underway, only that draft’s picks may be traded. At all other times, only draft picks from the next draft may be traded.